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Multiple Design Options‚Äč

Our machine is capable of as many as 16 regular perforations across the page and 2 cross or touch perforations that will run perpendicular to the regular ones.  While the regular perforations must go across the entire page, our cross perforator is capable at starting and stopping anywhere on its line, so you can design for a cross perforation that extends only as far as you want it to go.  An example is the centre perforation in the lost kitty picture above.

Coupon Sheets

Add value and purpose to a rack card or flyer by allowing your customers to tear part of it away to keep in their wallet or bring back to your shop for discounted products or services.  Bring that customer back again and again by giving your coupons different expiry dates...perhaps 10% off a different product each month.

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Perforated Tear Away Cards and Coupon Sheets

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Printing Vancouver

Tear Away Business or Loyalty Cards

Combine a rack card and a business card with a simple perforation.  Use the rack card flyer to introduce the customer to your product, service, team members, or promotions, and provide them a tear away business card to help them stay in touch, add a coupon to encourage a purchase, a loyalty card to keep them coming back, or include a sign up for your newsletter, email promotion, or draw.

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