Sticker and Label Media

Adhesive StrengthCostLaminate?Custom Cut?ColourWater ResistantDescriptionProducts
Kiss  Cut PaperPermanent$NoNoWhite


Precut paper sheets, 8.5" x 11", smooth coating, 60lbCrack & Peel Stickers

Uncoated PaperPermanent$NoSquare cut onlyWhiteNoTypical office-like paper, with adhesive, uncoated 60lb
Semi Gloss PaperPermanent$NoSquare cut onlyWhiteNoDull gloss coated, 60lb paper 
Matte PaperPermanent$NoSquare cut onlyWhiteNoMatte coated, 60lb paper
High Gloss PaperPermanent$$NoSquare cut onlyWhiteNoShiny coated 60lb paper
Fluorescent PaperPermanent$$NoSquare cut only




NoBrightly coloured, coated 60lb paper
Brown KraftPermanent$$NoSquare cut onlyBrownNoUncoated 70lb
11.6 pt Removable VinylLow Tack$NoSquare cut onlyWhiteSomewhat3.5 mil vinyl for digital printing, aggressive removable adhesive
11.6 pt Ultra Removable VinylUltra Low Tack$$NoSquare cut onlyWhiteSomewhat3.5 mil vinyl for digital printing, low tack allows repositioning
Gloss VinylPermanent$$$YesYesWhiteYes3 mil, weather resistant, shiny surface

Custom Cut Stickers, Wall & Floor Stickers

Matte VinylPermanent$$$YesYesWhiteYes3 mil, weather resistant, dull surface
High TackVery aggressive permanent$$$$$YesYesWhiteYesSatin surface, designed to adhere to rough surfaces, and surfaces that take abuse, like motorcycles
Low TackRemovable$$$YesYesWhiteYesSemigloss, designed for wall graphics.  Can be removed without damaging paint within a reasonable time of application
ClearPermanent$$$YesYesOptically ClearYesShiny, very clear vinyl. Can be used for printing text and graphics with no white

Custom Cut Stickers, Sticky side and Double sided stickers

Gloss Poster PaperPermanent$$$$YesYesWhiteNoQuality coated poster paper with adhesive backing.  Makes thick, high quality paper stickersCustom Cut Stickers
Clear ClingNo adhesive.  Static cling$$$$NoYesOptically ClearYesVery clear vinyl.  Exceptionally easy to install on windows.  Can be repositionedWindow Stickers
White Cling

No adhesive.

Static cling

$$$$NoYesWhiteYesGreat for window posters.  Exceptionally easy to install in seconds with print side on the window, back white. Can be repositioned.Window Stickers
ReflectivePermanent$$$$$NoYesWhiteYesSurface reflects lightCustom Cut Stickers
Glow in the DarkPermanent$$$$$NoYesCreamy WhiteYesVinyl that has been "charged" by a light source glows for a short time after the light is turned offCustom Cut Stickers
Solid coloursPemanent$$$NoYesMany availableYesUsed for cut vinyl lettering.  Colour goes throughout the product so will not come off the surface.Window Stickers

Use the links in the right column for sizes and prices for Laser Sharp products available with these pressure sensitive materials.

Finished sticker sizes range from 1 square inch to 4 square feet, depending on material.  Some material is available only in specific sizes and/or can be printed with a particular machine. 

Great  Selection and Prices for Custom Vinyl and Paper Stickers

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Comparison of Pressure Sensitive Products Available

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