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Signs Vancouver

Need to Change Your Signs?

Your business is constantly growing and changing, so it is ideal if your signs can change too.  Changing wooden, pvc, or plastic signage that is printed directly on the board can be messy, expensive and time consuming, and while the work is being done, your sign is not on the sidewalk doing its job.  Worse yet, the old sign that you paid good money for is destroyed in the process.  Instead of that, our metal and snap frames allow you to change your signs in seconds.  When you are ready to change your message, just send us the new artwork and get a new coroplast insert or poster made quickly.  Back at your shop, the new sign can be swapped for the old without damage to your old sign.  As a wise business manager, you will soon see the advantage of keeping multiple inserts on hand to keep your messaging fresh and to promote annual promotions.


If you need to change your messaging often, it makes sense to save on your long term costs.  Purchase a wind resistant outdoor snap frame or an indoor/fair weather aluminum snap frame sandwich board  and advertise with water resistant posters printed on vinyl.  The snap frames make poster changing easy, and the transparent cover sheet keeps your poster clean and protected.  At Laser Sharp, we offer a discount on the printing of multiple poster sets when you order your snap frame.  If you are going to be changing often and regularly, please contact us about an loyal customer discount for your poster printing.

​Look Good, Even in the Rain

We print only with high quality inks that will last out in the weather for years.  Still, it can be wise to protect the inks from dirt and weather by laminating the sign insert.  Lamination makes the colours pop and will extend the life of your sign.

Signs Vancouver

Indoor or Outdoor Sandwich Boards and Wind Resistant Signs

Wind Resistant Sign Stand - H or tank stand                                       Sandwich Board Sign                        Indoor Aluminum Poster Sandwich Board                 Wind Resistant Poster Frame                      

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Signs Vancouver
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