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paper choice

​Selecting the best paper for your digital print job

Paper selection is an important element in your print purchasing decision.  To select the best paper, you may want to carefully consider the information provided in this table:

Weight:  if you plan to mail or have your product delivered, you may be charged more for heavier product.  Weights are given here as "grams per square meter", but in the description for most of them you can also find the weight in pounds of 500 sheets at its basic size (likely 25" x 38" for text and 20" x 26" for cover).  There is often a correlation between weight and thickness.

Thickness: A key consideration, particularly for card stock choices.  Thinner stocks tend to be more flimsy; thicker and coated stocks tend to be stiffer.

Brightness:  The brighter the paper (higher score), the more vivid and crisp your print will appear on it.

Opacity: Lower opacity means that the paper is easier to see through.  If you are doing double sided prints on the standard office paper, you will be able to see some of the backside image through the front side of the page.  On those papers scoring 95 or more, you will need to hold the page up to light to see through.

Coated, Uncoated or Smooth:  If you need to write on the paper or card stock, it is recommended that you go with an uncoated or smooth finish.  One of our card stocks has a mirror gloss on one side and a smooth back side, making it a great choice for loyalty cards, greeting cards, or post cards that need one pen-friendly side.

Paper/Text Stock

DescriptionWeight (gsm)Thickness (pts)BrightnessOpacity
Standard Office (50lb uncoated)743.99791
70lb plain uncoated1045.39495
80lb gloss text - dull gloss coated1183.89197
100lb gloss text - dull gloss coated1484.99198

Card/Cover Stock
DescriptionWeight (gsm)Thickness (pts)BrightnessOpacity
81lb gloss cover - dull gloss coated 2197.89199
100lb gloss cover - dull gloss coated2709.49199
Super gloss 1 side - mirror gloss front/ smooth back247129299
100lb linen - uncoated linen texture, pure white27012.29699
130lb gloss cover - dull gloss coated35013.49199
100lb matte smooth cover270149799
120lb matte smooth cover325169799
Dull gloss coated cover295169299

A note about paper size:  The maximum page size we use for digital printing is 13" x 19".  The stocks listed in the table above may not be available in sizes larger than that. 

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