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Binding stacks of paper together with a flexible glue on a card stock backing creates nicely organized pads.  Pages can be removed easily without tearing, and the glue residue does not stick to the page.  Pads are ideal for receipts, appointment sheets, and forms, but also make practical give away items for clients - something they can use that will keep your information in front and centre in their home or office.  Page sets of 25 or 50 serve as an informal gauge of the number of customers you are serving (pads per week).

​We offer several pad sizes and the option to print note pads in black and white or colour.

Because padding neatly organizes and binds pages, it can be used to bind flyers, postcards, invoices, coupon sheets or other products we have available.  If you would like to have your product padded, just ask!

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