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How to save money on flyer printing

  • Design a smaller flyer
  • Find a partner company to print on the back side and share costs
  • Select a less expensive paper 
  • Design for greyscale printing (perhaps request coloured paper)

How many flyers should you print?

It depends on how and where you plan to distribute them.  If you want them delivered door to door, there are services available for that, but you may be surprised at how small the coverage for 1000 flyers is.

Canada Post has a great tool to help you out with your flyer printing decision.  Their Precision Targeter for Neighbourhood Mail allows you to see how many households are in your target area.  It will help you plan your flyer printing and distribution budget.

If you are distributing dated material, make sure you allow plenty of time to get it printed and distributed before it expires; otherwise, you may be recycling flyers you can no longer use.

About flyer size
While custom flyers can be made to any size, we offer letter, half letter, and 1/3 letter flyer sizes to reduce waste.  If have a very limited budget, we offer an option for greyscale printing on a lightweight paper; if you want a classy look, gloss may be more your style.

Flyer Design Tips

  • Make sure your flyer includes a clear call to action, some reason for customers to pick up the phone and call. Tell us what sets you apart from your competition, don't just describe what you offer.
  • If you are concerned about tracking the response to your flyer, include a coupon, landing page, or purchase code so you can count how many customers are responding to your ad.
  • Make it attractive and easy to read.
  • Plan your budget to include artwork costs, printing, finishing and distribution.
  • Choose a flyer size that works with the content or artwork you have on hand.
  • A letter sized flyer may need to be folded for easy distribution.  Add that into the cost.
  • Remember to add .125" bleed around your design for cutting.

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Great options quality at every price point     

We offer a variety of paper choices in sizes to make the best use of each sheet of paper and reduce waste in production, saving you money.  Typical turn around is one business day.  Other sizes, quantities, and paper stocks are available and help with artwork is available.  Please request a quote if you don't see the options you need.

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