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1420 East 57th Avenue, Vancouver, BC   V5P 2A9   

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When you contact us, please provide as much information as you can with your message so we can provide an appropriate response.  It is important to note that emailed responses to price inquiries are ESTIMATES only, and do not necessarily bind us to a price in the same way that a request for quotes does as we are not provided the print file to review in providing the price.  If you have questions about what products we have or what our prices are like, please consult our orders page.

Thank you in advance for contacting us.  You can expect a prompt response.

Print Shop Vancouver Canada

Laser Sharp Printing & Signs

1420 East 57th Avenue,

Vancouver, BC, Canada

V5P 2A9

Phone:  604-428-4028

Text on WhatsApp: 604-428-4028

Email: orders (at)

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Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST

The print shop is conveniently located on 57th Avenue at Knight Street in Vancouver.  There is plenty of free parking at the front, rear and side of the building.  All work is done in-house, unless otherwise specified.

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Laser Sharp Printing & Signs
1420 East 57th AvenueVancouver, BCV5P 2A9CA
Phone: 604-428-4028 Website: